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Organic products Confits: An Ancient Art of Preserving Fruit

They are called "sugar coated natural product", "solidified organic product", "glace organic product", or "natural product confit" in French, however what are they precisely and where does the convention of candy-coating natural products originate from?

Organic products confits are the result of an old fine art of candy-coating natural product. It is a convention that backpedals to the first century when Romans utilized nectar to safeguard organic product. Around then, natural product preservation was utilized as a method for keeping perishable items instead of creating desserts. Delicate natural products that were candy-coated in sugar could keep for quite a long time, once in a while years, without evolving. It was then conceivable to eat figs, apples, and plums throughout the entire year.

In the Middle-Ages, it was sugar and never again nectar that was utilized to sweet organic products. They were on each stylized table and were, as dragées, a blessing just to essential visitors.

Amid the Renaissance, natural products confits turned into all the more famous as crisp organic products were thought to be hazardous for one's wellbeing.

These days, French individuals, particularly in the area of Provence, eat natural products confits at Christmas and they are a piece of what we call "the thirteen pastries", which symbolizes Christ and his missionaries. As indicated by this convention, each family in Provence accumulates at Christmas to eat the thirteen treats that are natural products confits, additionally nougat, calissons, and dry figs.

In the event that the towns of Apt, Nice and Aix-en-Provence in the Southeast of France are known for their organic products confits, it is on account of Provence resembles a characteristic plantation that offers an extraordinary choice of natural product - melons, pears, apricots, figs, peaches - that loan themselves superbly to protection.

Candy-coating natural product is a sensitive and unpretentious workmanship; it is made only by hand, which clarifies its high cost. Be that as it may, it is additionally a long procedure amid which no less than 3 months are required for the natural product to exchange between being heated to the point of boiling and permitted to rest.

Each organic product is dealt with in an unexpected way: melons, pears, and pineapples are peeled; citrus natural products are cut, apricots are hollowed, plums and tangerines are washed. The natural product is then pierced with a major needle keeping in mind the end goal to help the future infiltration of the syrup into its heart and afterward it is whitened. After the whitening, each kind of natural product is put in its own special terrine to protect the kind of the foods grown from the ground loaded with syrup. It is heated to the point of boiling and cooled seven times over a time of 3-4 weeks, which enables the syrup to enter the organic product through the procedure of osmosis until the point that it is soaked with the syrup. The organic product is then permitted to rest in the syrup for at least two months keeping in mind the end goal to conclude the conservation. The last stride, which is just taken after a request has been put, is to expel the organic product from the syrup from which it has washed in for a considerable length of time and plunge it in syrup of unadulterated concentrated sugar and after that enable it to dry. This last stride gives a defensive covering outwardly of the organic product which serves to confine its stickiness.

In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to utilize organic products confits in formulas, it is ideal to arrange them "égouttés", which implies that they are expelled from the syrup and skirt the last stride of covering them with sugar. They are thusly sticky to the touch yet are perfect for preparing and enhancing cakes.


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